Embrace the circle of trust

If your email marketing is not performing as well as you'd like, new research findings could point your way to future success.

You may be surprised to learn that the key to building your brand could be as simple as how often you write to your customer base. Recent research demonstrates that as long as you are in someone's 'circle of trust', they will welcome frequent email contact – particularly ones with memorable subject lines. What is the 'circle of trust'? If someone has opted in to receive emails from you then you join their circle. Because at the point of opting in they make a conscious decision that they would like to hear from you.

... as email is very low cost to send (average 3p per click) it is a cost effective way to stay in touch ...

Building awareness

Any of you who angst over email copy content, will be glad to know that open and click thru' rates, whilst important, are only part of the story. In the same way that advertising generates awareness, the 'from' and 'subject line' will be building your brand awareness. Of course you have to have something interesting to say and make your subject line memorable.

And as email is very low cost to send (average 3p per click) it is a cost effective way to stay in touch with prospects.

Don't forget frequency

So if you feel your email isn't working then maybe you need to send them out more frequently. We tested this ourselves with an email resent to the same list. The first email got a 31% open rate and the second one got 27%. However, the cumulative effect was that 40% of recipients actually opened the email!

And don't worry about how much email people receive. Because another bit of information from the survey was that people who have you in circle of trust assume they get less email than they actually do. It is only when you are outside the circle that they think they get more email than they actually do!!

The Email research isn't available online as yet but if you'd like to be sent a link then please click here and put Circle of Trust in the subject line and we will forward it to you when it become available.