"We didn't improve one thing by 100%, we improved one hundred things by one percent"

I recently went to an email seminar and one of the presenters used the Clive Woodward quote above. It really hit home with me as I think we all spend a lot of time trying to find those killer ideas that will help transform our business! And yes they are out there, but in reality if we concentrated on making small changes then ultimately these are the things that will make all the difference.

Direct marketing is perfect for a 1% strategy because of the ability to test and measure. We've been running a pay per click campaign for one of our clients and if we'd try to make big changes it would have been counter productive. We wanted to know what each change we made was achieving. What we found was that our combined 'little' changes had resulted in an increase in conversions and a sizeable reduction in media spend.

And the potential perils of looking for a killer idea?? A long time ago I worked on a campaign for Virgin. The agency I was with at the time created a lovely "killer" ad (very expensive) that the client also loved. However, I was worried that it wouldn't 'work' so I got another team to create an ad so we could test (it cost hardly anything to produce). This small change resulted in our cheap as chips ad generating 700% more sales than the 'killer'! Had we just have used the original ad we might have concluded that advertising wouldn't work. Instead, by testing, we found out that we had an ad that was successful and which we could improve on to get even better results.

At Stream we won't promise to develop a campaign that will immediately transform your business. But we will create a campaign that, over time, will ensure that we help build your business.

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